Ensuring structural integrity and aesthetics

Discover all our architectural expansion joint systems for buildings : joint covers and sealing profiles, horizontal & vertical expansion joints for walls, façades and ceilings, floor expansion joint systems with flexible inserts, full-metal floor joints, parking joints, seismic joints and roof joints.


The clips affixed, adhesive or folded building expansion joint covers are designed to protect and conceal the facade, wall, floor and ceiling expansion joints.


This full range of structural expansion joints for use in facades, walls and ceilings offers a solution for each configuration: inside or outside installation, standard or seismic expansion joint.


VEDA France offers a full range of floor expansion joint products, all-metal or with flexible inserts, for both light use and heavy duty expansion joint applications.


All metal expansion joints for intensive traffic.


Range of watertight expansion joints for car parks and any other places with or without traffic of vehicules.


Seismic & watertight expansion joint for car parks and any other places with or without traffic of slow vehicles.


Car park expansion joints, roof to wall expansion joint products and more … VEDA France presents its roof expansion joint cover joints range, including car park expansion joints and roof to wall expansion joint solutions.

Many kinds of architectural expansion joints are available with Veda France

Among our wide range of expansion profiles, find the one that fits perfectly your needs, based on their specific properties: load capacity, installation in an indoor or outdoor environment, horizontal or vertical application, horizontal, vertical, shear or multidirectional movements, etc.

Find out the characteristics of each type of architectural expansion joints below!

The significance of expansion joints

Expansion joints play a crucial role in maintaining the structural integrity of buildings, absorbing the natural movements caused by temperature changes, seismic activity, and other external factors. Also known as floor, facade, ceiling, roof or wall expansion joints, they prevent damage to the structure.

Managing vertical and horizontal movement

Vertical and horizontal expansion joints are strategically installed into the architectural design, effectively managing the stress and strain caused by thermal expansion and contraction. They allow the building to expand and contract without structural damage. Architectural expansion joint systems protect against cracking and deterioration.

Enhancing aesthetics with expansion joint covers

Architects and builders are looking to expansion joint covers to enhance functionality and aesthetics. These covers protect joints from debris, moisture and foot traffic, and are available in a variety of materials, finishes and colors. They blend in perfectly with the environment and harmonize with the design aesthetic.

Selection of expansion joints

When it comes to building expansion joint systems, it’s essential to choose expansion joints that are aligned to the requirements of the project. Factors such as expansion joint opening, expected movements, expected loads and aesthetics are all taken into account. A wide range of expansion joints, including architectural joints and building expansion joint systems, respond to different architectural styles and construction needs.

The integral role of architectural exapsnion joint covers

Architectural expansion joint covers are an integral part of building expansion joint systems. They not only protect the joints but also contribute to the overall architectural vision. Architects and designers have various options in materials, finishes, and colours, ensuring seamless integration with surrounding elements.

Balancing functionality and aesthetics

Architectural expansion joints are essential elements in building construction, allowing for natural movement caused by environmental factors. Incorporating floor, facade, ceiling, roof and wall expansion joints ensures structural integrity. By selecting suitable expasion joint covers, architects enhance both functionality and aesthetics. With a wide range of products, fire protection systems, control joints and systems available, architects can choose flexible and durable solutions that meet specific project requirements. Considering these factors leads to robust, safe, and visually appealing buildings.