Roof expansion joints

Car park expansion joints, roof to wall expansion joint products and more … VEDA France presents its roof expansion joint cover joints range, including car park expansion joints and roof to wall expansion joint solutions.

JDT 7.02

Roof expansion joint cover comprises a waterproof EPDM membrane, a support system anchored to the concrete element (parapet), and an aluminium top that is clipped to the support system. Protection and waterproofing for expansion joints in roofs. Available for joints with a gap up to 600 mm.

JDT 7.03

Watertight seismic expansion joint for efficient and durable covering of roof expansion joints. Made of a continuous watertight membrane associated with a cover. This system is able to cope with significant three-dimensional movements.

JDT 7.04

Roof waterproof expansion joint suitable for roofs and carparks. Very flexible, and suitable for use with hot asphalt, it is compatible with PVC, EPDM and other waterproof membranes. For indoor and outdoor floor joints with a gap up to 80 mm. Suitable for waterproofing, generally by meeting the waterproofing system of the construction.