Roof expansion joints

Aluminium or stainless-steel roof joints are designed to protect the joints and to ensure their watertightness even during large seismic movements. Roof expansion joint covers can absorb large three-dimensional movements and they, thus, ensure the free movement of structures while providing a watertight roof. This prevents structures from colliding and ensures the durability of the structures and the safety of everyone. Our range of roof expansion joint also includes a special nitrile expansion joint to be connected directly to the general bituminous sheet waterproofing system. All our roof joints are compatible with our VEDAFEU fire protection systems.

JDT 7.02

Roof expansion joint cover comprises a waterproof EPDM membrane, a support system anchored to the concrete element (parapet), and an aluminium top that is clipped to the support system. Protection and waterproofing for expansion joints in roofs. Available for joints with a gap up to 600 mm.

JDT 7.03

Watertight seismic expansion joint for efficient and durable covering of roof expansion joints. Made of a continuous watertight membrane associated with a cover. This system is able to cope with significant three-dimensional movements.

JDT 7.04

Roof waterproof expansion joint suitable for roofs and carparks. Very flexible, and suitable for use with hot asphalt, it is compatible with PVC, EPDM and other waterproof membranes. For indoor and outdoor floor joints with a gap up to 80 mm. Suitable for waterproofing, generally by meeting the waterproofing system of the construction.

A roof expansion joint is an architectural product designed to reduce stress on the structure of your building (shopping centre, stadium…)

by adjusting to any movement that the building experiences. Buildings aren’t always still and can move for many reasons, including due to heavy traffic, earth shifting, the weather, sway caused by the wind or many other factors.
While this movement isn’t necessarily a problem for your establishment, if your roof doesn’t have the right structure, then this could put pressure on it and cause damage to the roofing stability. Roof expansion joints are an effective way to reduce pressure on the roof and improve its durability.
Also known as roof expansion joint covers, expansion joints help to facilitate movement in the roof without causing damage to the waterproofing membrane or any other roofing materials, such as tiles. This means that the roof lasts longer. The expansion joint is an empty space, free of movement in the roof, and roof expansion joint covers go over the gap to help cover it and allow the roof to move when required. These essential roofing materials are used in large structures (shopping malls, universities, stadiums, etc.).

Roof expansion joints can be made from a range of materials, but stainless steel or aluminium are popular because they’re long-lasting and will protect the structure from movement created by the environment.

How Long Do Roofing Expansion Joints Last?

Roof expansion joints can be expensive to purchase and have fitted to your roof, but the good news is they can last for decades. As a manufacturer of joint covers, our high quality joint covers are made to last.

Why Choose Veda France For Your Expansion Joints?

Choosing the right roof expansion joints for buildings can be tough. With Veda France, you know you’re getting the exceptional standard of product that you expect from an experienced team of expansion joint cover manufacturers.

Our roof expansion joint covers are made from top-quality aluminium or stainless steel and are designed to be weather-proof, waterproof and long-lasting. These materials are fully compatible with our VEDAFEU fire protection systems.

With almost 30 years of experience in the construction and passive fire protection, we have the experience needed to provide the very best quality solutions for projects of all types and sizes. If you’re interested in finding out more about our range of roof expansion joint covers and how they could benefit your next project, then contact us.