CJ Stainless Steel – Expansion joint cover in stainless steel



CJ Stainless steel

Expansion joint cover in stainless steel

Product compatible with our fire protection solutions

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stainless steel


High gloss polished I Mil Finish I Leather like I Brushed 220 grit




  • Aesthetic, decorative and economical
  • Quick and easy to install, no drilling or sealing needed
  • For joint gaps from 10 to 50 mm
  • The clip affixed stainless steel joint covers are designed to provide an attractive and decorative solution to the problem of protecting and concealing expansion joints (façades, walls and ceilings). Fast and easy to install: no drill or fixing required.

    They are suitable for use in new or refurbishment projects, inside or outside. They can be installed in any kind of building: shopping malls, office buildings, hospitals, etc. They resist to agressive environments (corrosion, salty air, high temperature, frost, etc.).
    To accomodate any of your needs, the following finishes are available: mill finish, brushed 220 grit, high gloss polished or leather-like stainless steel.

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