Firestop blankets VEDAFEU M

Product compatible with our waterproofing membranes

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Joint gap


up to - 95%


quick and easy


horizontal and vertical


  • This firestop blanket is patented, tested and approved
  • International certifications delivered by world renowned official and independent
  • Complementary tests: acoustic, thermic…
  • Why use our firestop blanket for a building ? For initial joint widths from 100 to 420mm, with or without joint cover.
    Officially rated EI 120 minutes without failure.
    Tests were performed with a +40% movement.

    VEDAFEU C rope firestop system consists of a core of fireproof and rotproof mineral fibres bound by an outer braiding of fibreglass thread. They are resistant to water and humidity, as well as to most aggressive chemicals and micro-organisms.


    VEDAFEU C firestop ropes meets norms for horizontal and vertical joints: tested without sealant and with a movement of +20%, they come in diameters from 12 mm to 180 mm and are EI 240 (fire integrity and thermal insulation of 240 minutes without failure) rated for all joints with gaps from 10 mm to 200 mm.

    How to use firestop ropes ?

    • Firestop ropes can be placed in horizontal and vertical joints: floor, wall and ceiling joints, joints between prefabricated façade elements, joints between floor edges and prefabricated façades.
    • For fire partitions, conduit penetrations, services ducts, protection of neoprene supports.
    • Sealing of joints on masonry edges: fire barrier between floors and curtain walls (see Application Examples).

    For the installation of cords, refer to the Installation Instructions no. 1 and no. 2 that are validated by the relevant classification certifications.

    Firestop ropes can be used in many situations

    Suitable for any type of building: hospitals, office, industrial and residential buildings, hotels, shopping centres, car parks, schools, colleges, stations, airports, stadiums, etc. VEDAFEU C firestop ropes (or fire rated rope) consist of a core of fireproof and rotproof mineral fibres bound by an outer braiding of fibreglass thread.

    Their specific weight varies with the diameter to ensure their flexibility and ease of compression. VEDAFEU C firestop ropes are suitably marked so that they can be easily identified and an inspection after installation can confirm that the correct product has been used.

    Waterproofing & protection: Some floor, wall and ceiling expansion joints might require additional protection.

    CCTP Specifications

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